Quiz Plant!

Ooooh, this is a good one. 

– Tropical, but doing well in our campus garden (Blacksburg, VA).
– Succulent stems; alternate, lima bean-shaped leaves.
– Rampant scampering.
– Very cute yellow flowers. (Hee hee, that really won’t help.)
– I hesitate to say this, ’cause it may just give it away: a couple of other members of this genus are common as mud.

Guesses, anyone? Or maybe this one’s already common as mud for you Pacific Northwesterners…
(and P-Dub, do refrain until others have had a chance 😉

I’ll post the "D’oh!" flower photo in the morning.

Hellebore and Hosta for scale. There are flowers, just not in this pic.


6 thoughts on “Quiz Plant!”

  1. Well, it looks a lot like my least favorite weed in our Buffalo garden, but not a nuisance for us now. But the leaves are the wrong shape! I’m pretty sure I know the genus (starts with a P), so I won’t spoil it.

  2. Looks like it’s related to purslane, or Portulaca oleracea; those stems look identical to P. oleracea, but the leaves tell a different story. This one looks like a pretty enthusiastic spreader.

  3. I really liked this plant anyway (we have one spilling out of a basket at home), but even more so now that I realize no one knows it. Good one Holly!

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