Quiz Plant Revealed

Ha ha  hahahaha
 *mad scientist-type cackling*

Purslane? Nyet! (but good guess).

It’s an Impatien! Specifically, Impatien repens, common names variously Ceylon Jewelweed, Golden Dragon Impatien, etc. Ours is actually pretty small – can form huge clumps and cascading torrents in warmer zones.

Flower is typical of many members of the genus, and they ALL have the little spur in the rear.

For more weird, wild species impatiens, visit the Cistus Nursery website (I’m pretty sure they used to sell this, but I don’t see it listed currently).  We got ours from local plantswoman, gardener, and mail-order-addict Elissa Steeves.

Thanks for playing, all!</d

7 thoughts on “Quiz Plant Revealed”

  1. Cool! Is it really aggressive, or just the kind of plant that needs a bit of redirection every now and again? It looks about the size of Cymbalaria muralis, or Kenilworth Ivy, which up here in MA will scramble over soil or masonry, but is malleable enough not to become a pest.

  2. Whenever possible I have lunch in the Conservancy Gardens in Central Park, NY and I think I just saw this. It has fleshy stems and is very low and spreading, similar to purslane. I like it but around here it would be an annual.

  3. oh man! I knew this one but all the commenters were so sure it was purslane I second guessed myself and didn’t post.

  4. Makes a terrific spiller in a plant geek hanging basket. I haven’t figured out how to use it commercially yet because it’s…well…odd. I sure like it though!

  5. Ryan, I was just covering my butt – figured someone from out there with all the plant fabulousness would go “Oh please, I just bought that at the Home Depot” or something 😉

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