Spring = really?

You've got to be kidding...
Bebe the Wonder Dog says “You’ve got to be kidding…”

I’m sorry I’ve been so quiet, but I am not feeling SPRING. Here in the Blue Ridge of Virginia (Zone 6), March is averaging 10 F below average. Snow and ice is piled up on the north side of buildings. My Herbaceous Landscape Plants class is not impressed by the inch-tall Mertensia and the fact that the only thing we can call a cool-season annual (pansies/violas) is brown mush. All the delightful Zone 7 things I’ve been pushing on people for several years here – er, whoops. This is as far north as I’ve ever lived (please don’t mock me Bert). I’m tired of bales of laundry. Flannel sheets, corduroy, fleece…I am NOT good with winter. I admit I am at my best with only one layer on. And if one more person says “at least we’ll have fewer ticks”…

4 thoughts on “Spring = really?”

    1. I know that your dog had nothing to do with the ‘science based gardening’ informational exchange, but it was great to remind us all down in the Piedmont why we live in the Piedmont instead of up in ‘hills’.

  1. Don’t be sorry! Here in upstate New York (zone 5) I feel the same thing.
    I wanted to plant peas on St Patrick’s day but the snow was knee-high. There is still a few inches in my garden and the soil is frozen solid. Not pretty.

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