Won’t you help the poinsettias?

Those creative Utah Sate University Extension folks are at it again.  Jerry Goodspeed’s hilarious Gnome Management video was a big hit among the gardening crowd a couple of years ago. 

His current effort is a bit more…film noir. 

"Mission accomplished" if you’ve been shamed into watering that poor poinsettia languishing in the dining room.  A little fertilizer wouldn’t hurt, either.

5 thoughts on “Won’t you help the poinsettias?”

  1. Holly, It did the first time, all that latex was a mess, but then I figured out pouring a bit of stale veg-oil down the hopper first.

  2. In Oz, we just shove ’em in the garden and they are 6 feet tall before February. Oh, and I am always astounded by the North American inability to pronounce words correctly. It is poin-sett-i-a. Just like Al-u-min-i-um, will you Americans never get it right? He He P.S. Just loved the video!

  3. Just an FYI. Not Gerry Goodspeed. He was the ‘actor’. Dennis Hinkamp, USU Media and Tech, wrote, filmed, and edited both the Gnome and The Poinsettia video 🙂

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