Truth in advertising, finally.

*drum roll*

Ladies and gentlemen, the latest effort in pinto bean breeding from Seminis Vegetable Seeds:

"beans, beans, good for your heart..."


Windbreaker is an upright, short-vine pinto bean that has produced consistently good yields, especially for the Red River Valley production area. Windbreaker ripens quickly and uniformly with reduced seed weathering. Try Windbreaker in narrow rows for direct harvest.
Relative Days to Maturity: 94-98
Plant Type: Indeterminate, short vine
Color: Brown flecks on buff
Seeds/LB: 1,076
Disease Resistance: BCMV, R (R)

5 thoughts on “Truth in advertising, finally.”

  1. Leave it to you, Holly, to come up with the most amusing posts! (And was that you masquerading as Dr. Evil on Jeff’s post below?)

  2. … my inner five year old is laughing very hard right now.
    Red River Valley.
    it reminds me of the Chipotle-away episode of South Park…

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