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Grading finals, looking at roots, and planting seeds is consuming my time this spring, but I have just a few things to share today which might be interesting.

So, as those of you who follow this blog know, I love peanuts.  This year we’re planting out a bunch of new varieties, a few of which are extremely interesting.  Believe it or not there are not only red and pink peanuts but also black, white, and mottled peanuts.  We have these on order — when they come in I’ll post a picture.  When we introduce Minnesota Boiled Peanuts at the State Fair in a few years (that’s the goal anyway) the plan is to introduce a wide variety of really unique looking peanuts.  Fingers crossed they can live here!

Here, at the University of Minnesota, we do a really great job of telling people that, when they fertilize their grass, they should keep the fertilizer on the grass and not on the sidewalk — SO WHY CAN’T THE UNIVERSITY TEACH THE KIDS WHO APPLY THE FERTILIZER TO THE UNIVERSITY’S LAWNS TO KEEP THE DARN FERTILIZER OFF OF THE PAVEMENT?!?  Last week as I walked in I heard a crunching sound coming from my feet.  When I looked down there was a little pile of fertilizer on the sidewalk.

Believe it or not, judiciously fertilizing your grass actually helps prevent fertilizer run-off.  That’s because grass with a weak root system (as occurs in the typical lawn when you don’t fertilize at all) won’t be able to hold the soil as well — so you get more erosion.  So do fertilize your lawn, just don’t go nuts.

About that whole tree in the lung thing which I posted last week?  Yeah — It’s BS.  How do we know it’s BS?  No obvious roots on the tree and the tree’s needles were green (you don’t get green plants without sunlight). Personally I think this is some kind of odd cry for attention, but I guess it’s possible that the guy swallowed a cutting while he was shearing/pruning trees.  HOWEVER, there are documented cases where seeds will germinate in a persons lung — Usually the person has a compromised immune system.

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  1. I’m surprised you have enough warm days in Minnesota to be successful with peanuts. I thought they require about 120 days of warm (as in 85 degrees) weather. Do you have a trick?

  2. You could start an entirely new craze with the hot boiled peanuts. Wonder how they would be with a brat and a beer at a Packer game???

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