The Winter Weekend Garden Warrior

As Garden Professors, we are very careful regarding product endorsements. Actually, much energy is spent trying to bring to light weird/crappy/useless/money-wasting gardening products.

But when we feel strongly about the usefulness, quality, and utility of a product, it is our duty to pass that information along as well.

I didn’t mean to be a walking advertisement last weekend.

We were in the final throes of getting our garden cut back; Joel was laughing that I “needed another set of hands” when I came around the corner.  “Not with my fabulous Firehose Work Pants from Duluth Trading Company, I don’t!”  Thus the inspiration for this post.

All products noted are, variously: warm, waterproof, full of pockets, sharp, indestructible, dependable, and/or delicious.

6 thoughts on “The Winter Weekend Garden Warrior”

  1. Love it! This could easily be a picture of me. I still laugh about the day I had to stop by the library after work and the librarian said “I love your outfit! Where did you get it?!” I think I told her to check her local farm store and then go play in the dirt to get the desired results. We’re trend-setters, Holly!

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