Slugs and Beer: Not So Fast, My Friend…

[To those new to our blog, there are many past posts of scientifically-proven garden advice and research results…so pardon if we slip off the wagon just briefly.]

In response to the previous post:
Dr. Gillman, I’m simply shocked at your sloppy “materials and methods”.
What is that, a Frisbee? And you drink a beer called Moose Drool? Sounds intriguing, but probably too hoppy. No wonder the slugs were simply mocking your feeble attempts at attracting them.

BEHOLD the well-researched and insightful slug trap:

One 12″ plastic pot saucer + 10 oz. Pabst Blue Ribbon = 28 slugs in one night.

Not unlike college students, results indicate there’s obviously no accounting for the slug’s taste (or lack thereof) in beer. Hmmm…that gives me an idea for a grant proposal…

8 thoughts on “Slugs and Beer: Not So Fast, My Friend…”

  1. You know, I had a gardener from South Carolina once tell me that she used a flat pan of beer and it caught hundreds of slugs. So, the question is, does that make me wrong?!? I think not! It simply proves that Southern slugs are more stupid than their Northern cousins!

    (Seriously, there are many different species of slugs who respond differently to different traps. My slugs would scoff at your pitiful trap!)

  2. I had a professor once suggest hand picking slugs and dropping in a cup of salt. Just thought I'd share for the masochists in the group 🙂

    1. omg, if you take a salt shaker out to the garden and sprinkle salt on the slugs, they visibly melt like the Wicked Witch of the West in a rainstorm.

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