Quiz (a day early)

Well, I was swamped on my usual posting day, and now I certainly can’t top Jeff”s post – I laughed so hard it took away my initiative.  "Throw and Go" indeed. 

I think we should start our own line of Garden Professors Soil Amendments – "Dr. Holly for Hollies," "Dr. Linda’s Flingable Compost (Not For Tea Dammit)",  and "Dr. Bert’s Conifer Special".  Dr. Jeff would have his own line of slug repellants and traps – available in six-packs. 

Back to my post… you get a quiz!  I’ve rooted through my stockpile o’ photos and found one that just may fool a few of you.  Or not.

 Guess away!

8 thoughts on “Quiz (a day early)”

  1. I’m reminded of a Spiderwort blossom (Tradescantia ohiensis) or the weedy Asiatic Day Flower (Commelina communis)

  2. Holly, you crack me up! In fact, I think Jeff should create and market his own beer brand – perhaps “Snail Ale?”
    I won’t embarrass myself with a guess at the flower, but I will say I’m starting to feel a bit like a voyeur with all of these naughty bits thrust in my face…

  3. Blue Ginger Dichorisandra thyrsiflora)?

    As per Ray’s offering above, this species is in the same family, Commelinaceae, as the spiderworts, dayflowers, etc.

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