Now THAT might kill the aphids!

Here’s a very lightweight, non-strenuous puzzler for your Thursday. 

This scene is from inside a [very nice] retail garden center greenhouse.
Open for business.

What’s with the snow?! 

Hidden from view is the commemorative plaque in honor of one of our regular commenters:
"SandyG Shopped Here."

4 thoughts on “Now THAT might kill the aphids!”

  1. Retractable roof seems like it should be involved. Maybe it got stuck open before the snow storm. OR they decided to leave it open rather than pay to run the gas to melt it off the roof.

  2. I’ll just add this disclaimer, as I’ve learned from past posts: I am NOT recommending snow as a pesticide. It’s not labeled for aphids.


  3. An experiment in growing tender plants (where are the tomatoes?) outdoors in Richmond in January? Or I refused to buy and use a smart phone and heck froze over!

  4. I was also thinking a California garden center with a snow machine to put customers in a festive, seasonal mood and get some press.

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