No point here, really…

Just go back and watch the video that Bert the Incensed posted Monday. I can’t top that.

Hope he’s had a beer and calmed down since. Now I need one.

My first reaction was more like slack-jawed disbelief over the nonsense contained within. A second viewing brought my blood pressure up a notch.  For instance, I swear he says “Calcium nitrate” softly and then quickly rephrases it to “vitamins and minerals.” There’s more crap in this video than a dairy retention pond. Kudos to whomever put the “Garden Professors” comment on the site.

If the content is reasonable, I can overlook questionable video production values, such as the host also serving as the director (“Over here…there ya go!”) and the bug crawling across the lens. But for this train-wreck of misinformation, it was doubly irritating.

Deep breath.  Let’s part on a positive note, shall we?

Here’s the little-known, summer and fall-blooming Salvia involucrata (Rosebud Sage). Alas, it is not hardy for me, but is for Zone 7 and up.  Took this last week before the hard frost (I really do think of y’all when I’m running around with my cocktail and camera at sunset…)

Fresh, light green foliage to about 4′, nice branching habit, pinkish petioles and stems, topped with a fabulous, fuzzy, flower explosion. In HOT PINK no less.

Glorious. And perfect for getting your Garden Tart TM on!
Thank you so much, Linda – I believe you’ve coined the perfect description of my gardening style. Hee, hee.

3 thoughts on “No point here, really…”

  1. Thanks Holly, I too love a good Salvia. My current fave is some x sylvestris, probably ‘Maynacht’,which put out a fabulous show early in the season just in front of the Iris siberica and then rewarded me (and my client) with an equally fabulous show in mid-September after a strong haircut. It is still blooming now! and the deer (mostly) don’t touch it! and it doesn’t need ANY attention (other than the haircut). But the real point of my story is that one of my (75 plus, English) clients actually blushed when I said “Don’t worry, I’ll tart-up your garden nice for your open house next weekend…” And I have a friend that gets from me a “Family Reunion Landscape Tart-Up” whenever she hosts it.

    Love this blog!

  2. Holly, I knew if I used the phrase “tarted up plants” that you would jump all over it – bravo! You probably can tell I prefer cooler colors – greens, blues, purples and white – to the hotter colors. Maybe I’m just jealous…

  3. Ha! Natasha, I love the “Family Reunion/Special Event Landscape Tart-up”. You could make that an official service for your clients, with varying degrees of tarti-ness…
    Look what you’ve wrought, Linda!

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