Neon continued!

I’ll follow Bert’s highly informative, thought-inducing post with something not statistically significant. Hey, it’s summer.

My last post on ultra-bright “neon” plants had a comment from Sarah…

“I saw some iresine in a local garden center the other day, sun coming
through it at just the right angle, and the shade of blazing pink that
came through was basically every Barbie accessory I ever had. It just
seemed wrong somehow. Took a picture of it with my phone.” 

Aside from a hilarious (and insightful) comment, she included a URL to her photo.

It’s so good I had to post it. The pink plastic-y glow is amazing.

Fab photo by Commenter Sarah of Iresine herbstii – chicken gizzard plant

I had to greatly lower the resolution so that the system would let me post it. At full size and resolution, it almost hurts to look at it.

Incidentally, I’ve always thought “chicken gizzard plant” was a bit of a misnomer. I’ve seen really fresh chicken gizzards, and Barbie would NOT want accessories in that particular shade.


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