Mistaken Identity, or The Truth?

In the wake of The Garden Professors’ sudden notoriety (see Linda’s Jan. 26 post), my department head sent out a very kind e-mail announcement to our faculty, staff, and grad students. 

However, he referred to us as the "Hort Professors" blog, sans hyperlink. 

A curious staff member (the lovely and talented Pris Sears) searched that title, resulting in the following:

Hort Professors, Hot Professors…kind of the same thing. Thanks, Google! 

6 thoughts on “Mistaken Identity, or The Truth?”

  1. When I ran the search for Hort Professors a little while ago, you came up as the first hit, but Google still wants to ID you as Hot instead of Hort. How fun!

  2. This reminds me of our years in Buffalo, when my husband was teaching chemistry classes at Buffalo State College. One of the students was overheard telling another how hot Jim was…and Dr. Scott was thus renamed “Dr. Hot” by our colleagues.

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