It’s Spring-o’clock Somewhere…

We’re supposed to get an inch or two of snow tomorrow.  It was 75 degrees last week. Typical schizophrenic spring weather. But spring was already in full bloom a few weeks ago in Dallas, Texas.  Our group of Virginia Tech floriculture faculty and grad students visited for the National Floriculture Forum, a meeting of researchers and educators. It was organized by Texas A&M and hosted by the Dallas Arboretum, home of uber-horticulturist Jimmy Turner.

The Arb was right in the middle of their “Dallas Blooms” festival – they plant half a million spring bulbs each year for the most amazing show this side of Keukenhof.  I’ve never been a huge tulip fan, but somehow came back with a gazillion photos. You just couldn’t help it. It’s a beautiful display garden; don’t miss it if in the area.

Imagine 60+ acres of this. My retinas were burning. But in a good way.

A cute Fosteriana-type tulip, oddly named ‘Zombie’.
Note the use of pecan hulls as mulch. Results in the biggest, fattest squirrels you’ve ever seen.

I’ve seen some interesting art in public gardens, but this is a new fave.
Probably there’s a deeper meaning behind it, but basically it’s a man and woman snogging in the tulips.

Big squirting toads, with list of safety rules on what one shouldn’t do to/with the toad.

Jimmy said the place would be crawling with brides and babies by afternoon, and he was right. That’s what he gets for creating such a photogenic garden. Couldn’t swing a fat squirrel without hitting one or the other.

5 thoughts on “It’s Spring-o’clock Somewhere…”

  1. A half million bulbs a year? Sounds like an impressive display of wealth, but what sort of environmental sustainability message does it send, and how much horticultural skill does planting all those bulbs require.

  2. Wow, amazing display of spring! Of course I’m skewed, though, because the first thing I thought was, “oh, the poor soul who had to plant all those bulbs!” I think I need a vacation from my work. Thanks for letting us all know that Spring has not been banished, though!

  3. Snogging-what a nice word! The way the weather has been here in NE Wisconsin I should have tulips sometime towards June!
    Thanks for reminding me what they look like.

  4. Chuck, it’s a display garden. Kinda Disney with plants. They use excellent sustainable practices(see the pecan shell mulch), promote “water-wise” gardening, and get a heck of a lot of people to visit and appreciate plants that might not have other wise. And the skill is in the sustainable horticultural methods, not to mention the fantastic color combinations. Gail, I picked up “snogging” from good ol’ Harry Potter. I try to say it once a day at least.

  5. What backgorund could be more beautiful, romantic and refreshing than a garden filled with colourful patches formed by gentle and exquisite flowers. Spring brings everything to life- a natural booster for love and romance.

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