Howdy and Previous Post Revisited 1.0

Greetings all, and good to be back in the saddle for the Garden Professors.  It’s been a while since I’ve filled you in on my own personal gardening struggles (lots) and triumphs (few) as well as topics I think you’d be interested in.  I’ve always appreciated the kind comments and good questions our readers pose, in response to my off-kilter posts and horrific punctuation.

I’m sure there is one BURNING question that long-time readers have:

“So how’s your Puya doing?”

“Fine, thank you!”

Well, mostly.

Long story short, I bought/committed to a Puya berteroniana in 2012.  If you have no idea what I’m talking about:

I’m sure many readers have been at the receiving end of a cactus spine or Agave poke; the genus Puya makes Agaves look like stuffed animals.  Fish hooks line the margins of each leaf, and cascade over the side of the pot. Therein lies the problem…

Still alive, and doing pretty well, but Pootie the Puya really needs re-potting to realize her full potential (the blooms are outrageous, and the point of all this, as I mention here:

I’ve attempted to “go in” a couple of times, but even leather grilling gloves get snagged. Need really strong tongs (two sets?).  I’m probably going to have to just bust the pot.  She didn’t make it out to the deck this summer due to the awkward pot situation. Suggestions welcome, especially from anyone who has wrestled with one of these (and lived)!

11 thoughts on “Howdy and Previous Post Revisited 1.0”

  1. Wrap in a towel, like a baby….you may have to crack the pot. I would wear gloves designed for rose pruning. I used the towel trick with hedgehogs

    1. A baby with FISH HOOKS poking out maybe! Ha! The spines would never release a towel or any other loose fabrics. But thanks, Lynne!
      Am jealous of your experience with hedgies. Some day…

  2. Not sure how stiff the leaves are…but I’ve used bungee cords or tie-down/ratcheting straps from my truck to tie up the leaves on my Dasylirion for transplantation. And towels, gloves, and breaking the pot as previously recommended.

  3. Get a cheap tarp, Harbor Freight has them, cut an “X” in the middle. Slide it under the pot with the cut X under the pot, then gather it up and slide it up the pot. Fold the excess to give more layers of protection. You may need to wrap something more around the tarp, old rug, etc. Tie it off, or use a couple of bungee cords. That should keep the pricks to a minimum.

    1. I think we’ve got the solution now! I do have some old tarp, use your and Susan’s bungee suggestion, and bust the pot as everyone suggested. All while wearing firefighter gear. This may be video-worthy…

  4. Thanks for the update, Holly and welcome back. I always enjoyed your posts. I have been fascinated by Puyas ever since seeing one blooming at the Ruth Bancroft Garden in California. I’ve wondered now and then about what was happening with yours.

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