Foiled again!

A while back I was talking smack with Sandy G. in the comment section of some post – about how I was going to have a ripe tomato before the end of May.  I’ve been coddling a plant of ‘Orange Blossom’  since about March – it’s been planted and dug up twice, spending frosty snaps in the greenhouse. But 90% of its life has been in the soil on the South side of our house – so I think this is a legit garden tomato.

I’ve been cheering along the top tomato – it turned yellow two weeks ago and it was just flushing orange – close enough for government work.  The hot dry weekend really helped things along.

Then, tragedy struck.

Blurry, due to hands shaking with rage.

Apparently, it was also ripe enough for a hen with an appetite for destruction.


So. Close.

3 thoughts on “Foiled again!”

  1. Yep, chicken in some dish (cacciatore with tomatoes from last year?) is definitely on your list of must do recipes. My one promise of an extra early tomato has a hole in it, too. I don’t know who to blame for that one, but I think buck shot is the appropriate cure if I discover the culprit. (Oops… I guess that would mean even more holes in tomatoes!)

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