Do These Come In Control Top?

For those color-conscious gardeners who can’t bear to have visible tomato ties (or panty lines):

Only $2.99 for eight pieces?  Whatta deal!

Do you know how many tomato ties you can get from a pair of hose? Especially if you are a “long”? About fifty. Of course they’ll be nude or black, unless you bought into that purple trend last season.


ps:   I do like Lusterleaf’s (company responsible for the above) can o’ twine with the handy cutter-top, though. $4 and it has lasted through several seasons.

2 thoughts on “Do These Come In Control Top?”

  1. Old hose also make great staking material for trees – soft and flexible. I must say this marketing reminds me of a Japanese maple grower some years ago who came from a bench science background. She bought huge rolls of Parafilm, cut it into strips, repackaged and sold them as “grafting tape” at an obscene price.

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