Up, up, and away…

First, let me cue the 5th Dimension.


I got a call the other day from the owner of a local hot air balloon company.  They specialize in fall color rides and he wanted to include some info from me about the state of fall color in Michigan this year.  Despite our concerns following this summer’s heat and drought, it turns out this year has been very good for fall color.  I think our color has been a bit more variable than usual with some trees turning early and I’m noticing many maples are dropping pretty leaves quickly once they hit peak.  Nevertheless, nature is giving us a great show. And if you’ve got a little extra spending money, there’s probably no better way to see it than from a beautiful balloon…

Photos: Scott Lorenz, Westwind Balloon Co.




2 thoughts on “Up, up, and away…”

  1. Gorgeous! Thanks for the vicarious tour. We do have fall color here in California, but not the entire hillside in blazing color experience.

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