This Bud’s for you…

Ask the risk of honing in on Jeff’s turf, I thought I’d pass along this article by former University of Maine associate dean (and apparent Garden Professor wannabe) Katheryn Olmstead.   It seems that Dr. Olmstead’s painstaking research has documented a preference among slugs for domestic beers, particularly Budweiser.  Like most undergraduate students, it seems slugs prefer domestic swill to more refined imported brews; confirming many suspicions about both slugs and undergrads.  Although we’ll have to wait for the full peer-reviewed article, her scientific method seems sound, including use of replicated plots.  That said, her admitted qualms about being seen purchasing two six-packs in the same week raises doubts about Dr. Olmstead’s eventual rise to the rank of full Garden Professor

3 thoughts on “This Bud’s for you…”

  1. It seems to me Alan Titchmarsh in BBC’s Gardeners World had his last page musings about this topic. Can’t remember how long ago I read this (in the past year?)

    I personally cannot lower myself to by Bud for the slugs.
    Maybe the slug’s tastes vary by state so I would have to buy Miller instead!

  2. Will nobody take issue with the fact that Bert, from the state with 85 breweries making yummy beer, has just called Corona, Moosehead, and Molson ‘refined’?

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