7 thoughts on “Slugs and Eggshells”

  1. Mmm, just in time for breakfast here on the west coast! Out of curiousity, what is the rationale given for them not crossing eggshells?

  2. Supposedly egg shells have sharp edges — similar to diatomaceous
    earth — which slugs don't like. It's true that diatomaceous earth will stop these critters — they are composed of silicon dioxide — basically glass — which does quite a number on these beasts. The calcium structure of eggs just isn't as effective.

  3. Diatomaceous earth is effective on insects because it absorbs the protective oils in their exoskeleton and accelerates dehydration. Perhaps that same dehydration MO works on slugs – like salt does? And slugs can slip right over broken glass, so the "sharpness" theory of eggshells is pretty laughable.

  4. I read the slug post a while ago, and I found the same … if you fill the saucer too full, your gardens will be full of drunk, but live, slugs. I'm sticking to my can, spoon, and sudsy water routine. It allowed me to enjoy blossoms on many annuals, and kept my hostas unholy.

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