One To Go!

Just one more little holiday to go over holiday week (A week during which faculty at UMN were put on furlough — in other words unpaid vacation), but for many of you I’m sure it’s a big one: New Years.  I’ve never been one for New Years resolutions.  It’s always just seemed kind of artificial to me.  Still, some people find real motivation with the passing of a new year.  What about you?  Any great New Year’s resolutions out there related to gardening?

3 thoughts on “One To Go!”

  1. I do not do resolutions but I do set goals! I will get my e-book done, it’s close. And I will get my new pond built as soon as the snow gets off the ground. Thank you for your great info!

  2. I don’t do resolutions either but I form intentions. 🙂 My intention is to do more educated planning and a bit less improvising this year, mainly because my new situation requires it…..

  3. Gardening resolutions… Plant only a couple of new veggie varieties this year in my tiny little plot. Make more compost. Put a timer on my watering system and then pray for rain!

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