Odds and Ends and Scrapple

School starts next week and so time is short, but I have a few quick thoughts to share with you before I get back to setting up class for next semester:

1.  A class called Plant Production appears to be more attractive to students than a class called Nursery Management and Production — even though the concepts taught are essentially the same.

2.  One of the greatest movies of all time, Caddyshack, includes a scene with milorganite.  I won’t tell you which scene so that you can discover for yourself!

3.  Yes, that is what I did during my vacation — watched Caddyshack.

4.  The paint company Sherwin Williams used to sell insecticides in the early 1900s and late 1800s — things like lead arsinate and Paris green — and they used the same logo to advertise these insecticides that they use for their paints today — go ahead, look it up — and then tell me, if you were a PR person for a pesticide firm would you use that logo?

5.  The peanuts are so close to being ripe I can almost taste them!

6.  There’s nothing quite as good as eating Dunkin Donuts and scrapple for breakfast (I spent the past week in Southeast PA — my hometown — and one of the few places that you can find scrapple). 

9 thoughts on “Odds and Ends and Scrapple”

  1. Hooray for both Scrapple and Caddyshack! Was the milorganite scene the one in which Carl explains his turf formula to Chevy Chase’s character, before offering him a puff?

  2. If I recall, it’s in the shed when Carl is making a squirrel and bunny out of plastic explosives. Absolutely in my top five movies (maybe top three). I can’t remember what I had for dinner yesterday but can repeat every line uttered in Caddyshack. Explains a lot, actually.

    School starts NEXT WEEK for you? I have yet to receive a satisfactory explanation as to why Virginia Tech classes start the third week in August. We’ve been at it since the 22nd. Our “fall break” is one day. Yeesh.

  3. Good luck on the new year! I was setting up my classroom all summer when I probably should have been relaxing (and watching Caddyshack) but the payoff is that I don’t have to stress this weekend. I’m as ready for Tuesday as I can get!

    And I wish my school had an ag program. No Child Left Behind cuts more electives every year, especially when combined with the recession.

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