6 thoughts on “Garden invaders”

  1. Who invented garden gnomes and how did they ever think of them as a good idea? I’d rather have armillaria in my garden than a gnome any day of the week!
    Do people still kidnap or ‘gnome-nap’ people’s gnomes and hold them to ransom? There was a bit of an epidemic of it Australia a while back!
    Classic video, Bert!

  2. The funny part is, this looks just like every extension video I have ever seen. How he keeps a straight face is beyond me!

  3. Love this clip! All without cracking a smile! I especially like the bit at the end about using biological controls (“Pink flamingos, garden mirrors, small dogs”).

  4. Glad to take some of the “tension” out of Extension. Extension…that’s my dog! People like this so much we need to do a sequel.

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