Big time Friday quiz

Got bogged down with various and sundry items earlier this week and missed my regular post.  I’ll do my penance by taking Linda’s spot on the Friday quiz while she heads out for a cross country meet (her son’s, not hers). 

The photo below was sent to me this week by a homeowner in Grosse Pointe, MI.  Two part question: 1) What is it? (not that hard)  2) How did it get so freakin’ big?

7 thoughts on “Big time Friday quiz”

  1. Sycamore, also… but as to the size? Might be a trick: it looks sort of like if three of the leaves somehow… fused together?
    I’m probably wrong. ^^

  2. I’ve seen Tilia americana leaves get absolutely huge like that in deep shade during a season with a lot of rain. (Like this year) If MI got the same amount of rain we got here in WI that would be a plausible explanation.

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