A quiz – from our visiting professor

We’re glad to have Dr. Rohwer back for another visit!  Here’s his Friday quiz – see if you can figure out what happened to his tomatoes.

"Exhibit A is a tomato in our garden. We had 2 tomatoes last year a couple feet away from this one, they met the same fate. Wilting at about flowering time, and water did not resolve the wilting. Previous to last year, the area was turfgrass for who knows how long. There was no vascular discoloration or oozing."

Charlie also included more evidence: "Exhibit B – arrow points to former location of the wilted tomato behind the garlic and carrots, amongst young beets, onions, kohlrabi, and bolting radishes and spinach. Exhibit C – arrow shows the former location of the tomato.  In the far background you can see our roof. We have 2 rain barrels collecting most roof runoff." This water is used in their vegetable garden.

And here’s a bit of diagnostic information: "Plants sensitive to this condition exhibit symptoms such as chlorosis (foliar yellowing), wilting, and eventual death."

Can you figure out what happened? Answer on Monday!

3 thoughts on “A quiz – from our visiting professor”

  1. my first guess was walnut toxicity also. i assume these were not grown from seed. i hadn’t thought about the rain barrels but that would make sense if it were used after the plants were somewhat established. that would give them time to attempt flower production

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