Seattle Chainsaw Massacre

In the spirit of the season I’m including some photos from our neighbor’s willow tree that failed a few years ago.  The failure wasn’t unexpected, given the age of the tree and the lack of crown care it received.  What’s truly scary is the “tree service” that came out to deal with the problem.  Low bid wins again!

(And yes, I’ll post a puzzler as well.  Two for one today!)

Here’s the willow after the crown collapsed

Rickety ladder + chainsaw = suspense!

Standing in the collapsed crown – no rope or other safety equipment


Look Ma!  One hand!!!

And best (worst?) of all, the remaining trunk was just left in place.  It quickly resprouted and now resembles Cousin Itt from The Addams Family.

3 thoughts on “Seattle Chainsaw Massacre”

  1. Oh my word! Whoever that gentleman in the cap is took some serious risks with that shaky ladder and no other safety precautions! He's lucky the tree didn't fall directly on top of him and crush him to death!

    Shame about the weeping willow, they are one of my favorites. I'm happy to see it thriving in that last photo, though.

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