Post-turkey puzzler

I hope everyone had a great holiday yesterday!  Since I am NOT a shopper, I’m avoiding “Black Friday” and posting another puzzle instead.

Consider this photo:

This is a rhododendron in my own landscape.  The photo was taken in July, though the damage on these new leaves occurred earlier than that.  In Seattle, rhododendron leaf bud break generally occurs in April.

Now consider this problem.  Same plant, different year – and actually a different problem!

So what caused this damage?

Explanations on Monday!

4 thoughts on “Post-turkey puzzler”

  1. The first I’m going to say is cold damage – didn’t you guys have a nasty (at least for the Seattle area) cold spring? The new growth was damaged as it was unfurling.

    Second one, looks like white speckling on the leaves – insect residue. Maybe insect damage?

  2. In the first photo, didn’t you have 24 degree low on april 24th? Loer leaves are yellow and problems are moving upward. Second photo, opposite, something hot?

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