Podcast #4 – Going Native

Another one in the can! This week the podcast focuses on native plants; I’ve got an interesting research item about using mixtures of native grasses for lawns.  You’ll also hear why sometimes native plants might not be the best choice, whether the goal is attracting fruit-eating birds or creating a sustainable urban landscape.

And you will love this week’s interview with Lacia Bailey – Seattle gardener and urban dairy goat maven. Once again I enlisted my son Jack to capture the moment on film:

“I’ll bet that camera is edible, too!”

Lacia and Dalli (the goat who thinks she’s a lap dog)

The goats make short work of most garden and yard waste

My podcasting producer Tina makes some new friends

Chickens are part of the system, too. They eat bugs from the used goat bedding.

Lacia setting up the milking station

Please let me know what you think of the podcast; you can email me directly or post a comment on the blog. Suggestions for future podcasts are most welcome!

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