Is there any future for a scientifically-sound gardening magazine?

(You’ll see two posts from me today.  This first one is easier to do at 6 a.m.)

One of the efforts I’ve been involved with is serving as science editor (and writer) for MasterGardener Magazine.  We started this quarterly publication in 2007 (take a look at it online at it here) – not just for Master Gardeners, but for anyone interested in sustainable gardens and landscapes.  Sadly, the publication went to an annual issue last year because of the economic downturn and now may be eliminated altogether.

Yes, this is a Washington state publication so when native plants discussed they are local natives.  But the information itself is applicable no matter where you live.  We had hoped at one time to offer regional issues, so that the magazine would have a local flavor.

Anyway, the publishers are no longer willing to carry a loss on the magazine.  What they really need are advertisers.

Any suggestions out there?  Most useful will be ideas that I can do from my computer or phone.

4 thoughts on “Is there any future for a scientifically-sound gardening magazine?”

  1. If looking for advertisers, why not check out those in other gardening mags and send them a pitch … or start with local companies then move out to regional and national.
    I’d love to see a national scientifically sound gardening magazine. I’m tired of the ‘you too can grow black plants’ or ‘grow the best garden ever’ approach.

  2. Sounds great.

    Start by publishing it online via subscriptions. That should cut costs.

    If your numbers grow enough you could offer a print version too, or charge a bit more for the print version.

  3. Linda, I just discovered Master Gardener while….well, I’ve forgotten the internet route…probably a book search. I’ve read, in the past hour or two, your posts, posts at, etc. I hope this is not the end of MG…and here I may get a bit personal! I am taking the MG program at Nova Scotia Agricultural College (online) and loving it — should be studying right now!. It seems that MasterGardener serves a most-needed venue with its (and from the articles ‘your’) emphasis in teasing-out the science and presenting it in an accessible manner.
    Well enough..but I could go on…Is there any merit in approaching the various MG programs for support. Since, if i read correctly, your university started the whole thing, couldnt the other’s who have adopted the program contribute?. As A student, I am willing to donate — perhaps with an increment to tuition for the courses. I shall pass this info/reference on to the contact person there… Just a though. Robert

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