If it’s Monday this must be Austria…

Just a quick post from on the road.  My family and I have been traveling through Europe the past week and a half.  A bit of a whorl-wind trip combining some vacation and work travel.  We started off a week and half ago, flying into Frankfurt.  We rented a car and drove to Paris where we spent a couple of days sightseeing. Then it was off to southern France to visit friends that run a bed and breakfast there.  This weekend we drove from France to lower Austria where I am attending our biennial International Christmas tree Research and Extension conference.  I’ll have a few bits to report from the meeting later but for now I’ll just close with a few random acts of Horticulture from France.

Trees shaped like boxes…

Trees in boxes…

Horsechestnuts.  Europe is big on horsechestnuts.  Unfortunately most of them are scorched to a crisp and look like crap.

Pollarding.  Europe is big on pollarding.  Occasionally it’s done well and creates some neat effects.  More often, like here, it’s done poorly and just makes a mess.

A green wall.  Green roofs and green walls can help to reduce urban heat island effect.  This green wall is mainly for show, I think.  It’s made up of ferns and other mesic plants and requires constant mist irrigation.  Not exactly a sustainable system, but it is dramatic and certainly commands attention.


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  1. Not surprised that the horse chestnuts look so bad. Look how densely they’re planted, and how little root space there is! Talk about drought stress!

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