13 thoughts on “Friday’s quiz…a twofer!”

  1. My guess – Pine tree just budding.

    Part 2 – I use google reader, so don’t usually come to the blog. I have no idea whats new.

  2. I noticed the posting of March 23, 2011 was not attributed to any one person?
    As for the mystery plant part ummm its a new shoot on some sort of woody plant. I would check some of my plants for help but they are buried under over a foot of snow. I like the lavender or conifer thoughts though.

  3. im with jimbo on the new blog thing(search function). i learned about the garden professors from the garden ranters and i beleive that the search function ,or lack there of , was mentioned in a a rant. in the nicest way of course.(and im’ shamed to admit i didnt even notice till i read fridays post)

  4. I’m with K.B. and guessing a larch. In general, I’m pretty unobservant, so I haven’t a clue what’s new on the site.

  5. We have another 8 inches of snow so things are behind-can’t go check my weeping larch for growth pattern but I’ll hazard a guess that isn’t a larch. Might be, no not lavender…ok, let’s go with tamarack-flat needles in bundles, yeah my guess is tamarack growth.

  6. I always thought ‘tamarack’ and ‘larch’ were different names for the same plant (larix spp).

    It looks like lavender to me.

  7. Almost definitely a Larix sp. Possibly Psuedolarix amabilis.

    #2- no idea, I’ve been working a lot and not reading the blog. I would guess the seach function as well.

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