Friday Foliage Fun!

Take a look at these three closeups of foliage from three different plants in a landscape in Washington state:


You’ve been asked to diagnose what’s going on in this landscape that would cause these foliar abnormalities.  (I get photos emailed to me all the time asking these kinds of questions.)  Bugs?  Disease?  Nutrient deficiencies? Environmental conditions?  All of the above?

More photos and answers on Monday!

2 thoughts on “Friday Foliage Fun!”

  1. Not sure about the upper 2 pix — chlorosis? — but the bottom photo looks the way some taxus looked on one of my projects when the contractor mulched the newly planted shrubs with sour mulch. Within two hours, the plants had turned this same greyish-green from plant-toxic acids. Apparently the mulch had been stored in huge piles, which created the anaerobic conditions leading to souring. Aagh! Several of the plants died that day, and had to be replaced; others had big dead areas that had to be pruned out.

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