Autumn leaf? Or is it?

It’s that time of year – leaves are turning all shades of yellow, orange, and red – so I thought I’d use this leaf for today’s puzzle:

I had to photoshop this extensively so it’s a little rough looking.  But it does have a toothed margin.

So – is this an example of autumnal coloration?  Or something else?  Extra bonus points if you can identify the genus of this plant.

Answers and another photo on Monday!

6 thoughts on “Autumn leaf? Or is it?”

  1. ah! i want that to be my guess too! i thought it looked like an elm leaf, and then grasping for straws thought it might be xylella leaf scorch of almond or something… i don’t think i’ve seen dutch elm up close but it IS a vascular wilt…

  2. Okay, I’ve never had a go at the Friday puzzlers… so here goes. Possibly a Betula? Whatever the genus, I think it is a variegated variety that has begun to exhibit some fall coloration.

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