Friday puzzle untangled

Well, either the puzzle was too easy or you guys are too smart!  Deb, Christopher, Lori, Foy, Jim, and Hap go to the head of the class – it was, indeed, staking material left on way too long.  Here’s a photo from over 10 years ago.  I’m not sure this is the very same tree, but it’s from the same parking lot/torture chamber:

I “liberated” these trees with my handy wire-cutters (never leave home without them) shortly after taking the pictures.  Several take-home lessons from this example:

1)  Plastic tubing does not protect bark from girdling wire injury

2)  Parking lot trees, even in very upscale shopping malls, are abysmally managed

3)  Trees are amazingly resilient

Have a good week!

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  1. I once had a client who owned several shopping centers, one near my town. He had his maintenance people top and limb up all the 3″ pin oaks planted in the shopping center islands, so they looked like palm trees and didn’t block any of the immense store signs. It was his way of getting around town planning board requirements for commercial parking lots, and was painful to see…

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