Deer Finale (and then we move on…maybe)

I believe I may have shared this with you previously…pardon the recycling.

But cogent to the discussion (and still  breathtaking in its absurdity…)


About $1000 worth of 10′ tall Arborvitae that were freshly dug, moved to a commercial job site, and then EATEN ALIVE before they were even planted. The remains (seen here) were shipped back to the wholesaler near Richmond. My guess is that deer evolution may be headed in the direction of longer necks.  In another epoch they’ll be…giraffes. Minus the festive coat pattern.

5 thoughts on “Deer Finale (and then we move on…maybe)”

  1. We live in a very heavily infested area and I’ve had a lot of luck with a multi-pronged approach.
    Dog + Repellants (including some home made) + underplanting with undesirable plants. Hard to say if it’s one or all, but something is working!

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