A Tip from Jerry Baker

Linda’s posting this week made me nostalgic for some good old garden guru advice, so I couldn’t help but zip on over to Jerry Baker’s web site (www.jerrybaker.net) to see if he had anything interesting to tell me.  I wasn’t disappointed!  Here is one of his recommendations: Three-minute eggshells “Place eggshells in the microwave for … Continue reading A Tip from Jerry Baker

Is it good advice? Or is it CRAP?

In my educational seminars I’ve long shared a version of the CRAAP test (currency, relevance, authority, accuracy, and purpose) for analyzing information related to gardens and landscapes. My version is CRAP (credibility, relevance, accuracy, purpose), and we’ve published an Extension Manual that explains in detail how to apply it. This past week I was at … Continue reading Is it good advice? Or is it CRAP?

How to get the information out?

Over the last two weeks I’ve been dwelling on the information that people get about gardening from various sources.  I’m not talking about really serious gardeners – I’m talking about the guy  down the block who might grow six tomatoes, two cucumbers, and a head of lettuce.  He’s got 6 trees on his property and … Continue reading How to get the information out?

My Least Favorite Pesticide

People often ask me about the most dangerous pesticides — the ones which they should be careful to avoid.  There are lots to choose from:  Di-syston (aka disulfoton) is really bad.  Rotenone has some potential problems that make it scary, as does copper sulfate.  But for my money the worst thing out there is something … Continue reading My Least Favorite Pesticide