Working out the bugs

It’s December and I hereby vow to post every week from now on! I’ve actually been on the blog behind the scenes for the last several weeks troubleshooting the archives. We transferred over four years of material from the old site, and there are still some rough patches. And that’s where you can help.

If you have been browsing the archives (listed on the right hand menu) or searching for topics (the search box is in the upper right corner just below the Garden Professors banner where the little magnifying glass lurks), you may have found odd line breaks, broken links, missing pictures, etc. in the posts and the comments. Or you might be searching for a particular post on the internet and end up with a 404 error page instead of the blog. It’s easy for me to fix these problems, but finding them takes some time.

So if you, our faithful readers, find these problems and post them below. We’ll have a contest: the top three contributors of bugs, breaks and boo-boos will each win a swell prize! (Not telling what the prizes are. You will have to wait and see.)

In the meantime, enjoy this photo of my husband Jim as we searched for the perfect Christmas tree last Friday.

Xmas tree hunt

3 thoughts on “Working out the bugs”

  1. The links to the Molasses malarkey go to the foot of the blog, rather than the start. In fact, that’s the case with that whole group of links. Although the heading does say “Recent Comments”, the last one would be the most recent, but if it’s the first reading, one has to scroll back to the top.

    1. Hi David – I’m not sure I’m following you. Can you post what link you are using? It should be one that starts with “…” If it’s links from the old site “…” they are really a mess and I’m not sure how to get rid of them. I’ll be asking our tech person to help on that.

      Anyway, if you can post the exact link you used, that would be helpful!

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