What to do with storm damaged trees?

For those of you whose trees suffered storm damage this week, the ISA (International Society for Arboriculture) has an online article that may be of use.

If any of you have photos or questions regarding tree damage, please comment below.  Photos can be sent to me (lindacs followed by @wsu.edu).

One thought on “What to do with storm damaged trees?”

  1. I just wrote a piece on just this subject on my “Earth’s Internet” blog. I referenced a study by the National Science Foundation that has been going on since 1990. Great bit of employment of the Scientific Method and illustrates something that many of us have known for a while with fire recovery. Basically it’s a hands off approach. Salvage Logging actually sets things back. Land clearing sets things back and/or creates other problem issues. I’m glad your article showed the proper way of trimming branches. so often people will attempt cutting off a damaged branch improperly and make the situation worse by stripping valuable bark off the trunk below the branch collar.

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