The dilemma of the dying dogwood

Here’s a photo of two mature dogwood trees that are obviously on their way out:

What happened? There’s been no construction in the area since the parking lot was paved several years ago.

Answer on Monday!

7 thoughts on “The dilemma of the dying dogwood”

  1. Hmmmm … either slow suffocation due to the parking lot installation, or slowly burned to a crisp after the larger trees around them (shading them) were removed ?

  2. my first guess is that these dogwoods have gone on to a better place from natural causes. i know dogwoods are generally short lived and these look to have reached their peak. there are many possible “stressers” in this photo(soil compaction, heat island, trenching to run electricity to that light pole, any salt applications in the winter). the other plants look fine, blurry, but fine. so i am guessing old age.

  3. I’m inclined to go along with the multiple stress decline syndrome. Doesn’t really have the antracnose look and there really are a lot of potential stressors. Lets face it, multiple stress syndrome is the key to many landscape tree losses. Its rare for one causal agent alone to do the job. One agent predisposes the tree to next maladay lurking around the site and eventually something finishes the job and becomes the culprit.

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