The coolest plant from Costco

Since we have an almost 18-year-old with perpetual FDD (food deficit disorder), we do a lot of Costco shopping. I always take a walk down the bagged bulb aisle to see what interesting things I might try at home. This year I bought a bag of Tigridia grandiflora, aka peacock flower. Wow! What a lucky choice for me!

These iris family members have been flowering continuously since sometime in July. They do tend to be a bit floppy. I’ll probably add a plant support to keep it out of the pathway.

As far as I can tell from the sketchy information (for this species anyway), Tigridia species are native to central and south America. No record of any invasiveness, and for me it’s been completely pest free.

Anyone else enjoying these summer bloomers?

4 thoughts on “The coolest plant from Costco”

  1. Gail, I got them as bulbs in late spring I think – they sure came up quickly. It will be interesting to see if they’ll make it through the winter.

  2. Katie, they will live in your zone, but have to be lifted for the winter. They can be left outside in zones 8-10. I plan to mulch mine well to see if they make it through our winters (we’re around 8).

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