Something different to end the week

Thanks to Neil H. for sending this my way.

This is from The Tree Whisperer:

ALERT!  HOW TO HELP THE TREES. Hurricane Sandy is coming to the East Coast, USA

If you are inclined to talk with trees–and aside from the practical things you can do–here is another way you can help your trees through the storm: Hurricane Sandy.  (Or send help, if you are elsewhere.)  

Go outside and walk among your trees and plants on your property.  You may also touch them.

In your heart, say the following phrases to all your trees and plants. 

(If you are elsewhere, ask your trees to send these wishes to the trees on East Coast USA.)

  1. I care for you.  There is a big storm coming.
  2. Roots, please grip soil and earth with all your might.
  3. Trunk, branches, and stems, please be supple and bend like a dancer.
  4. Leaves, please drop if you can, or become slippery and turn on edge so the wind-driven rain slips past you or any snow slips off.  
  5. Community of Green Beings, please tighten your web of connections.
  6. Ecosystem, please become connected and interconnected. 
  7. Element of Earth, please hold roots tight.
  8. Element of Air, please caress, not assault. 
  9. Element of Water, please flow smoothly over.  
  10. Element of Fire, please give strength to the whole. 
  11. Spirit of the Land, please meet the Spirit of the Storm with serenity.

Please do this more than once in the coming days, if you can.  


When the storm arrives, see to your own well-being first. Continue to send these messages to your trees, even from inside the house or from afar.  


3 thoughts on “Something different to end the week”

  1. Thank goodness you were able to post this before the hurricane struck! No doubt it will save many dryads and their homes.

  2. Sure do wish I had known about this before the last two biggie storms here. Isabel and Irene left so many trees on the ground that it was weeks before cleanup could be completed. I’ve already been out this afternoon patting some of the more vulnerable oaks and telling them to stay strong. I didn’t know you could do this from a distance! Thanks for the advice!!! I sure hope my namesake minds her manners and blows only gentle breezes on everybody.

  3. Hmmm, when I read I read this there appears a ghost like text & audio in Linda Chalker-Scotts voice saying, “This is not science, trees are not sentient beings” – “This is not science trees are not sentience beings” over and over and over again. Spooky!!! Does this have anything to do with October 30th ?

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