Quiz answer – difference between spores and pollen

You got it!  Horsetails don’t produce pollen, and those airborne particles are spores.  Primitive plants such as mosses, ferns, and horsetails don’t have the same reproductive structures as flowering plants and conifers. Instead of producing seeds, they form tiny, windborne spores that can be mistaken for pollen.

(To its credit, the Seattle Times corrected this error the next day.)

2 thoughts on “Quiz answer – difference between spores and pollen”

  1. Pollen: Plant sperm LOL

    Spores: Hmmmm, clones of self, all the same plant ? Who really knows what’s going on underneath the ground through the mycorrhizal grid.


    I never use the word primitive, I don’t like it, but I know what they mean by it.

    I just look at different plants as being a different part of a living ecosystem serving a beneficial unique function.

  2. Spores aren’t clones – they’re just like seeds but they don’t have the same structures as seeds. They are products of fertilization, just like seeds.

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