Podcasting returns! Season 3 begins

It’s spring…flowers are emerging and so are the podcasts. Here’s the first of our eight episodes for the season.  The theme this week is “Spring Cleaning” and it’s the wide world of weeds.  The podcasts are now hosted on i-Tunes, so I can follow you anywhere you go.  Just sayin’.

I’m trying to get some listener questions “on air” as it were, so if you have a burning desire to be on a podcast with me, just drop an email to lindacs@wsu.edu and let me know.

4 thoughts on “Podcasting returns! Season 3 begins”

  1. So that’s why the corn gluten didn’t work! The directions on the package did say something about having to be dry for a period of time…. So can I use what’s left as fertilizer?

  2. Carol, yes, do use it as fertilizer! Your plants will love you for it. (And thanks for listening!)

  3. Thank you for you all your invaluable research. It clarifies so much. Always a pleasure to read — and hear.

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