Podcast #3 – Plants, Drugs and Rock and Roll

I’m starting to have fun with these!  This week the podcast has some fun items about the wide world of plant secondary compounds, which are all those interesting chemicals that aren’t related to the basic building blocks of life (the carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, and nucleic acids).  Plus there’s a myth segment on how music affects plants – is “acid rock” as bad for plants as it is for young developing brains?

And the highlight is my interview with Robin Haglund – Seattle gardener and urban beekeeper.  Both she and Corky Luster, owner of Ballard Bees, describe what it takes to open a bee hotel on a small urban lot.  My son Jack took some great photos of Robin’s garden, some of which are below:

Linda, Robin and Corky

Bee fountain

Bee heaven – nectar and lots of water

Corky opens the hive

Bees and honey!

Art and the garden

Please let me know what you think of the podcast; you can email me directly or post a comment on the blog. Suggestions for future podcasts are most welcome!

4 thoughts on “Podcast #3 – Plants, Drugs and Rock and Roll”

  1. Excellent! These keep getting better and better each week. I would suggest that a written list of plants and other things mentioned would be helpful. Not knowing the spelling can make further research difficult. Thanks for doing this. I can’ wait until you’re doing videos!

  2. I love the podcasts. Regarding honeybees, folks should know that beekeeping is actually raising livestock. These little girls need to be fed and cared for just like any other animals that we take into our care. As with all forms of keeping livestock, there is a certain amount of enxpense. Be prepared for investing money in addition to time. Harvesting honey does not have to be a part of keeping bees. Many gardeners are simply interested in learning.

  3. a cool podcast, i really love how you covered the topic about honey bees, or i think i am just very keen about these bees,
    it would be good if you could also post some kind of video along with your podcast

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