8 thoughts on “Hey! Ranters love us!”

  1. Im excited – just found this blog because of their post. I’m a hort geek. Can’t wait to read through all the archives.

  2. Caroline, we don’t have the ability to put an RSS feed button on the blog. If you check into the archives (12/14/2009), there’s a discussion of RSS feeds. Doug Smith uses Google Reader and he gets the feeds fine.

  3. I agree. Garden Professors is an awesone site. I check it every day and go into withdrawal on the weekends. Thank you professors!

  4. Glad to be here, Marie! And Raffi, be sure to check out the archives, too. We do monitor new comments, so archived conversations never die.

  5. Both sites rock! Thanks for doing what you do. In my iGoogle feed, I always get an error so the post doesn’t show, but I then click on the current month’s posts and can get to where I want to go.

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