Gigantic hostas

I know Friday’s puzzle was a bit too easy – but I needed some way to discuss the giant hostas we have in our landscape this year:

We have had a very wet and cold spring.  While it was misery for us above-ground types, the plants absolutely loved the abundant water.  When the leaves open and expand on these continually-watered plants, they reach maximum size.  The hosta leaves in this photo aren’t the size of dinner plates – they’re more like turkey platters.

A word of caution to all of you with similar happy plants:  when the drier, hotter months of summer arrive, you’re going to have to keep these puppies well watered.  Otherwise, the leaves will soon turn crispy and brown around the edges.

3 thoughts on “Gigantic hostas”

  1. Hostas don’t work in Florida’s climate. But, we have lots of other choices, that the rest of you can only dream about…

  2. Hostas are beautiful in VA if kept watered but the deer think we grow them just for their salad bar. The only ones I can keep looking good are those at the foundation. All others become tasty treats for the dainty deer who think they are in hosta heaven!

  3. I agree that my hostas have never looked better this year (so far) So far mother nature is providing quite enough moisture.

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