6 thoughts on “Friday quiz”

  1. Is this grass growing through and excelsior mat? Looks like the original planting didn’t survive and now that the excelsior is starting to break down we have grass (and nutsedge?) starting to grow.

  2. I’m going with gray snow mold. This is a timely puzzler since the conditions for it are more prevalent this year for a larger portion of the country. We have had a snow cover for a long period of time and it may be awhile before it all melts.

  3. I’m going to go with some sort of mesh as well. It’s kind of cheating, but when I imported the photo into iPhoto to enlarge it, it showed the photo title as “Turf Mesh close”. 😉

  4. Argh! I forgot to change the name of the photo. Gotta be more careful with that…I’ll still post another photo on Monday and ask a couple of followup questions, though.

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