Friday quiz a few days late

The university’s server was down for scheduled maintenance over the weekend and I missed getting this posted.  So you have until next Friday to consider this interesting flower from the Berkeley Botanical Gardens:

What is this plant?

And what is the function of these long, green horizontal structures?

Have fun

4 thoughts on “Friday quiz a few days late”

  1. It’s a Puya…maybe alpestris? I always assumed the green horizontal structures were the stalks where buds would open later, but now I’m wondering if it might be a perch. Cool pics. Dang west coast people and their super cool funky plants! Jealousy overwhelms me.

  2. Puya indeed! But I don’t know what species. The green spikey thingies are for the birds that pollinate them to sit on while they do their job getting the flowers knocked up.

  3. Puya alpestris! I know that because Annie’s Annuals sent out an email recently with a picture and I was smitten – until I read about the spines.

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