Friday puzzler addendum

OK, I know we gave you a tough assignment for the weekend, so I want to post something fun as well.  (Think of this as dessert after your healthy meal!)  Take a look at the photos below:

This hedge is regularly sheared and no one part of it has been maintained any differently than another part.  Both sections of the hedge face east, and the damage is anywhere from 2 to 4 feet from the ground.  What do you think has caused the damage?

Explanatory photos reveal all on Monday!

7 thoughts on “Friday puzzler addendum”

  1. I was at first thinking along the same line as Daniel, but the 2-4′ height got me. Then I was thinking…college…drunk frat boys…shrubs on the way back to campus from the downtown bars…

    I also like Jimbo’s thought, but I’m not sure that the damage is big enough.

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