Friday mystery

I just got back from Nanaimo BC, where I had gooseberries with my afternoon tea.  Below is another "berry" found on a commonly used ornamental.  (I use the term berry loosely – as you may know, the botanical definintion for berry excludes fruits like strawberry and raspberry, which are aggregate fruits.)

I’ve photoshopped this so that only the two "berries" are visible. On Monday I’ll post the entire photo, along with some botanical fun facts! See if you can guess what this is before then.

6 thoughts on “Friday mystery”

  1. Yep, it definitely looks like a Taxus spp. aril to me too. It’s the only non-toxic part of Taxus, isn’t it, and only when ripe?

  2. I agree that it’s Taxus. Isn’t the ‘fruit’ of Taxus called an aril? I once called poison control because my son was eating these and they said not to worry unless he had crushed the seed inside (in which case he would get sick in an hour or so). I figured if poison control wasn’t worried, I wouldn’t either. He’s still alive, so I guess they were right.

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